What Is The Illusion Of Separation?

What Is The Illusion Of Separation?

My name is Ken Stone. I’m a spiritual teacher, author, and healer, and I’m going to answer the question ‘What is the Illusion of Separation?’ I’ll also share with you an experience of piercing the illusion of separation so you can not only understand what the illusion of separation is, but also have an experience of what is actually possible in your body and life when you are no longer constrained by the illusion of separation.

I’d like to explore with you what the illusion of separation is, how it impacts and influences how you experience yourself, others, and the world at large. I’d also like to offer you a way to begin opening to an experience within yourself where the illusion of separation is no longer the primary lens through which you encounter and interpret yourself and the world.

It’s one thing to understand something as spiritually important as the illusion of separation, and something very different to begin opening to an experience of who you really are without the influence of the illusion of separation.

Have an Experience Beyond the Illusion of Separation Now

Answering the Question: What is the Illusion of Separation?

The illusion of separation is the fundamental belief and experience that we are separate from each other, the Divine, and even our true selves. Further, it is the source of all suffering and pain that we encounter and experience as human beings. It’s also God’s greatest gift to us.

What is The Illusion of Separation with Ken Stone

To really explore these themes in a meaningful way, I want to invite you to view a series of three videos that I’ve put together where I share my insights into the illusion of separation.

In the first video answering the question ‘What is The Illusion of Separation’ I explore how the illusion of separation is the source of all pain and suffering.

In the second video in this series I explain how the illusion of separation is God’s greatest gift and how we can receive the totality of this gift.

And in the final video, I show you how to shift from living your life primarily oriented around the pain and suffering of separation, to the joy and celebration of what’s possible when we reconnect to ourselves, each other, and the Divine.

You can start watching the first video in this series answering the question ‘What is the Illusion of Separation’ here.

I realize that video isn’t always the best way to learn something in depth, so I also want to let you know about my forthcoming book Resonance: The Path of Spiritual Mastery where I explore the illusion of separation in greater depth, along with a number of other important spiritual questions and perspectives that are essential in realizing our full human and divine potential. If you’d like to be notified when the book is release – please add your name and email below.

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